Started nice, got very cold!

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So, I had a nice ride on my new motorcycle (needs a name) on Friday afternoon, even though it was somewhat short and the roads were a bit damp.  Saturday, with temperatures in the lower 60s, I was hoping to get some decent seat time.  Alas, it rained all day, so no riding.  Sunday, I got up got dressed and got on the bike.  It was 48 degrees when I left the house at 10:00 am.  Brisk, but not cold (to me.)

Headed over to my parents house, 7 miles away.  This was more to alleviate their fears I was being a dumbass with no helmet or gear than anything else.  They liked the bike, but when they saw me with it, and no helmet (it was in the front trunk, or frunk) they started saying “I knew it”.  Until I showed them.  All was well in the world then.  Parents are funny that way.  They were happy I was happy but still nervous about it being a motorcycle.  Not that I am careless, but all the other asshats on the road are.  Hell, I am nervous about that as well.

After I left their house, I went and rode around the area and back towards a shop I needed to get a couple other required pieces of gear.  Ended up spending a couple hours motoring around and killing time until noon.  At that point, I went into the shop, got myself the required battery tender (for keeping the battery charged up after extended periods of not riding) and a bag that can be mounted on the back of the bike.  I ended up with a nice waterproof bag that will hold more than enough clothing and such for a weekend trip.  Along with those, I got a pair of waterproof and armored boots and some nice windproof glove liners, which came in really handy on the ride home.  I hope there isn’t much more to buy for this thing any time soon.  I have to save up for the first service and the safety course.

After I left the store, I went by a friend’s house, and I think he wanted to steal the bike.  I like the reactions of those who see it.  There is no photo that will do it justice.  I want to get my photo on it soon, but when it is warmer.  I rode around a little while longer, and got home about 1:30 pm.  The temperature at that time was approaching 35 degrees.  The whole day the wind was blowing something fierce.

When I got home, I took the cover out of the frunk to get to the battery.  I wired in the plug for the tender and got it plugged in so it wont go dead while it sits for the next week or so.  I don’t think it is supposed to hit even 35 until some time next week.  Anyway, I cannot wait to be able to really start riding it normally and use it for what I bought it – commuting.

Next step: Permit

April: Motorcycle Safety Course

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