Weekend riding and making movies

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So, with Saturday being very bright and clear out, I wanted to check out how the GoPro worked out on the windscreen.  Works ok, but there is some vibration.  Gonna look at getting a lower profile camera and mounting it on the helmet, or getting a chest mount.  It was frackin’ cold out, something like 22 degrees.  I was about an hour before I called it a day.  It was COLD!

Here is a link to the video I put up for the test yesterday.  http://youtu.be/EoRp0d7mN-s

Sunday, I did a quick walk around video and intro to the bike.  Then, went on a cool ride (it was warmer than yesterday).  Was out for a few hours, and nearly doubled the mileage on the bike.  It is now in triple digits.  I went all over – even all the way down to Zorn and back up River Road.  It got a little chilly but worth every minute out there.  I picked up a $5 part that will help with some of the longer trips – “Cramp-buster” from Cycle Gear.  Simple device slips over the throttle and you just lean the meat of your hand on it and it assists in keeping the throttle open.  Allows you to rest your wrist and forearm muscles.

Here is the walk around intro video I took today.  http://youtu.be/EoRp0d7mN-s

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