Day: January 26, 2015

Add-ons to Raven

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These are some of the add ons I have either ordered or put on the bike.  Each one has its own purpose.  From the iPhone holder to the saddlebags.  I am getting her geared for longer travels, which will require a few add ons, but not too many.  Below is the list of items I feel are needed in order for me to make longer weekend and week+ trips.  For an overnight, I have a nice backpack and dry bag already. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Adventures of Raven

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Yes, I already have a blog site, and yes there are plenty of posts there regarding my motorcycle and experiences on it, but I wanted a clean slate to start with for my Ride Reports.  While it is not quite motorcycle season yet, I wanted to get everything in order so I would be able to easily create reports while on the go. Read the rest of this entry »