Two new add-ons on the way.

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PlatesYesterday I completed the process of getting the license plate and registration sticker for Raven.  She’s now legal, and man, the plates look good.  Kentucky is not really known to be very creative when it comes to license plate design.  Neither for cars/trucks/vans or motorcycles.  This one, however, is an exception.  Besides, it is for a good cause.  On my car, I have the plates for the “Fallen Officer’s Fund.”

regplateWith a new license plate, I needed a couple things to mount it properly.  Because of the looks of the plate, I was not wanting to put the registration sticker on the plate itself…  It would detract from it.  Yeah, yeah.  It’s all about the looks.  Anyway, I picked up a “inspection” plate that mounts to the license plate bracket but to the side of the plate.  It is large enough to hold the required registration sticker.  I picked it up via a quick search on Amazon, and if you head to this link, you can pick one up as well: Black Universal Custom Motorcycle Inspection Tag Sticker Plate.

hondaboltsThe other pieces I needed were new bolts for the plate.  The ones that came on the bike are small plastic thumb screws.  I wanted something a little more secure, and with a little more flare.  The “look,” remember.  I picked up some bolts that have the Honda Powersports logo (Wings) on the head, steel for the rest.  As they are white on black, it will fit with the rest of the bike.  I picked them up from Amazon as well: License Plate Bolt Screw

I also ordered the kickstand plate mentioned in the other post.  Everything should be here by the weekend, but we’ll see.

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