Day: February 12, 2015

Full Rain Gear!

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Olympia Horizon Jacket
Olympia Horizon Jacket

I have finally pulled the trigger on some rain gear.  Been saving up for it, as I figured the odds of being caught in the rain around here are fairly good, no matter what the forecast is calling for.  I opted to move out of the full black and go with some hi-viz gear instead.  There is still some black to it, but also highly reflective neon yellow.  It’s for rain, so I want to stand out as much as I could.  After searching around for some affordable, but good gear, I happened upon the Olympia Horizon Jacket and Pants.  They also make a one piece suit, but I figured that, in order to get one large enough, the inseam would be dragging on the ground.  I am a big, and tall, guy.  6′ tall, but only a 30″ inseam.  I also went with some boot covers as well, just in case.  Hit the “Continue reading” link to see photos and get links to the items.

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