Month: March 2015

Icebreaker 2015

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IMG_2923Apparently there is a yearly ride in March made by some of the Indiana and Kentucky ADV riders to, well, break the ice and give the new season an official start.  This past weekend was that ride.  There are a couple groups that ride in from different areas and finally meet up in Cave City.  This year, there were 4 who came in from Indiana, and 7 of us from Kentucky.  The final destination was a small, but nice, campground which had a few cabins on it located just outside Mammoth Cave.  It was Rock Cabin Camping.

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My First Official Bike Night!

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LouVin Bike NightSo, the weather yesterday was supposed to be rain and cold temperatures.  What we ended up getting was nice warm weather and no rain.  We are talking lows of near 60 and highs at 75.  Perfect weather.  So perfect, I didn’t believe the weather app I use (and is pretty good).  I had to actually step outside to believe it.  When I did, I went back inside, changes shoes, bag and got my riding jacket and rode into work.

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Adventres of Raven on Facebook

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I have created a FaceBook page for the Adventures of Raven.  Please check it out and Like the page to receive updates on the blog and events.

Red River Gorge – The Videos

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These are the videos from the ride in Red River Gorge.  The first one is just the short ride through the Nada Tunnel on Nada Tunnel Road: 0:52.  The 2nd one is of a ride on some gravel above the gorge on the Tunnel Ridge Road: 13:21.  It was hard packed gravel, but there were a few wet, slippery spots and plenty of potholes.  The last is the video from the whole loop consisting of roads 15 (Campton Road), 715 (Sky Bridge Road) and 77 (Nada Tunnel Road).  Please hit the Continue Reading to view the videos.

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Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge Parks, Kentucky

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IMG_2905IMG_2906This weekend constitutes the inaugural motocamping trip on Raven.  I was doing a full load out, even though it was only going to be for one night.  I wanted to see how she would handle the weight and make sure I could handle the extra weight on long trips at speed and in twisties.  I was joined on the trip down by two other riders, David on his NC700X and Kelly on his BMW RS1100.  I set my GPS to stick with the Scenic Routes only, forbidding Freeways and larger highways.  We went all over the Kentucky countryside and cruised through the more remote areas of the horse farms and back country.  We pulled out from the our starting point of E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, located near my house at just barely after 9:15 AM.  We pulled into the loop at Natural Bridge Park just at 12:30 PM. Read the rest of this entry »

Passing Thoughts

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EricThis morning I received an email informing me that a former friend passed away on Monday after a very long battle with cancer.  It hit me harder than I thought it would (I knew he was fighting a losing battle) considering we hadn’t spoken since early 2007.  What has me thinking the most is that we fell out over my divorce – he chose sides with my ex.  I will never know why, now.  The last thing I said to him was, “my contact info is still the same, if you grow a set, use it.”  Why is it stuff like that comes back verbatim, but other stuff is hazy and glossed over.  We had a number of good times on a few years worth of photo trips, especially down to Reelfoot Lake and Madison IN.  Memories I still love, and are bittersweet because of the falling out due to the divorce.

This Tuesday is his memorial, which I am literally split down the middle on going or not.  If I go, I will see people I have not seen in a long time, and I will probably see my ex and her daughter for the first time since we split in 2007.  I don’t want to see them.  We have nothing to say to each other, or rather, I have nothing to say to them.  Going to the memorial wont bring me any answers as to why he chose to throw away our friendship.  Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back, yes I could have reached out to him, but I didn’t.  I don’t blame myself any more than I blame him, as we were both grown adults who both made the wrong decision.

Eric, safe travels on this next journey.

Covered Bridge Road

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I went around yesterday (Sunday) for a few hours covering all over southern Indiana from the river up to Corydon and as far west as the river again, near Leavenworth.  From there, back into Kentucky and then out to the east and around far eastern Jefferson county and Oldham county.  This video is from the quick run down Covered Bridge Road.