12″ to 0″ – on the roadways, at least.

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So the snow started Wednesday evening, March 4th and ended sometime Thursday afternoon, March 5th.  In total, we got somewhere between 12″ and 18″ of snow, depending on where you lived in the area.  It was enough for even my company, who rarely even gives a 2 hour late opening, to close for the day Thursday.  This was one of those thick, heavy snows that comes in quick.  It shut down most of the expressways, to the point emergency crews were running supplies to stranded truckers who could not make some of the the hills along I-65.

And I missed all of it.

I got up Thursday morning, checked my work phone and saw the office was going to be closed.  Great!  A free day off.  I went back to bed and tried going back to sleep.  Well, lets say I got about an hour’s sleep when I woke up with a splitting headache and my stomach rumbling enough to cause an earthquake.  OK – free day off turned into a free sick day.  With what appeared to be flu-like symptoms, I was relegated to my bed (or bathroom) for the whole of the day.  And, most of the next day as well.  I didn’t even see the snow until late Friday afternoon.

How is this a ride report?  Sounds more like a sick report…  Well, after solving the fever and other issues, I was mending and Saturday came and went and I was able to get out a bit and get some real food.  Met with my family for dinner for one of my niece’s birthdays.  It was fun.  Went home, tired at the minimal exertion and went to bed around 9pm.  Then Sunday comes and with it, near 60 degree weather.  Weather good enough to have the roads clear (though some still wet with melting snow) and salty.  After I cleaned up a few things in the house, I decided to put rubber to pavement and see how things were doing.

I should have worn my camera.  It was nice, jacket without the liner, warmer weather gloves, face shield up most of the time (love the drop down shades in the helmet).  I even got to try out my new riding pants.  They are mesh, but also water resistant, so it would be a good day to wear them.  Keep me from ruining a pair of jeans or burning up with the rain pants over the jeans.  Besides, why did I buy the riding pants if I wasn’t going to wear them riding?  Man, were they comfortable, too.  And the leather on the inside of the knees offers grip like nothing else.

It was a beautiful, mostly cloudless day.  The breeze was slight, the air brisk but warm (in comparison.)  I went out at 1pm and didn’t return until well after 5:00 pm.  Put on 130 miles.  Found the Motorcycle Superstore location just south of U of L.  Gonna have to make another trip there soon to check out proper boots for ADV riding, but this will be later in the year, I don’t plan on doing any off-road riding this year.  I went south through Fisherville and along the train tracks and under a large tressel.  I should have brought my camera.  Would have made an excellent photo with the train going across.

Ran into the normal group of idiots on the roads.  I did get to see one dumb shit bitch get her karmic bill come due.  She ran a stop sign (as I was starting into the intersection), gave a shoulder shrug when I honked, and then lights came on behind me as the cops proceeded to pull her over.  I turned around to go back down by her, just to wave and shrug.  Even the cop laughed when I came back around.  All I could wonder is how he wrote her up.  I hope it was reckless driving, but no matter what, in KY, court costs are $128.50, and then the fine.

The rest of the day went without incident.  Rode through a local large city park, which was full of people out and about, running, walking, riding bikes.  All with the same looks on their faces: Thank god I am out of the house!  Rode over to a local bar (wish we had real pubs, I miss the UK for that) to get a quick beer and bite.  Skipped the bite and got some beer and some water.  As I was walking out someone asked me if I was coming back from skiing as I was wearing snow pants.  I said “no, just out riding and enjoying a spring day.  These are motorcycle pants, and I want as much Kevlar between my ass and the road as possible.”  They laughed, and bought me a beer.  Couldn’t say no, and may have some motorcycle converts.  Finally left and hit the road again.  I had no real game plan or destination in mind.

As I rode around, I had to watch out more for environmental issues than I did for traffic.  There was water in different areas all over, from the melting snow piled feet deep in places.  Glad I wore my riding pants, otherwise my jeans would have been soaked and filthy.  The water wasn’t too bad, I kept it steady and didn’t make any sudden changes in speed or direction.  What was harder to deal with were the pot holes everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE.  Some were larger than manhole covers and as deep as 2 feet.  Others narrow and deep and looked like they would grab your wheel and throw you over the handlebars.  Either of which would take out a rim.  Slow and steady and maneuver around.  Also, keep quite a bit of distance between the car ahead so there is time to react.  Got honked at for going a little slow in places, but hey, I was out to survive the day.  All and all, a lot of good practice.

I finished with a trip up River Road showed me just how much we snow we got.  The river was over the banks in some places, side roads closed, neighborhoods were nearly under water.  We are still in a flood warning – snow is still melting, and with rain around the corner, River Road itself will be part of the river soon.  I stopped feeling sorry for those along that route.  It isn’t like they can be surprised when this happens.  I mean.  Rivers flood.  Some, nearly every year.  Take the insurance money and MOVE!  Get above the flood plane.

Today, Monday, is gonna be a decent day.  I may take a trip around the neighborhood before calling it a night.  It is cloudy, but dry.  The rest of the week and through the weekend will be all rain and wetness.  With that will be roads covered in salt with running water.  Nope.  No thanks.  Next Monday looks like it will be the next day free for riding, and Tuesday is St. Patrick’s day!

I realize, not the typical ride report, but I did finally get to ride.  Basically first day out since Feb 7.  I don’t want to go a month again without riding.  This week, however, I will take with a grain of salt (or a few tons that is left on the roads).

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    It snowed, I missed it. | Extra Thoughts said:
    March 9, 2015 at 10:28 AM

    […] On Sunday, after cleaning up a bit, I got on my bike and rode.  It was a great day out and was much needed for my mental state of mind, after being stuck in the house for the whole month.  There is more of it in my motorcycle blog: Adventures of Raven: 12″ to 0″ – on the roadways, at least. […]


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