Luggage finally arrived!

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Luggage 1After 2 months, my luggage I ordered back in January finally arrived.  Granted, I have not needed it at all so far, so it was not a big deal.  I just wanted to have so I can practice getting the bike packed for a camping trip so I can test out my gear and see how long it will take to get things set up.  Photos below the break.

Luggage MountIt consists of the SW-Motech Bags-Connection Blaze Sport Saddlebags with a very low profile mounting brace that bolts in behind the passenger foot-pegs.  When they are not on the bike, there is next to nothing that shows bags go on the bike.  Each bag has an internal dry bag, just in case of rain.  They are also expandable to have nearly 50% more capacity.  This week, it is time for me to figure out what goes in each bag and to get some locks for them.  The other nice thing about these bags is they are very easy to take off, and the handles come together to make the two bags carry like one.

These will be perfect for weekend trips and when combined with my large dry bag and backpack, I should easily be able to make it a week.  The look nice, are sturdy, even for soft bags, and they are quite stable once locked down.  And again, the best part is when they are off, there are no left over frames to detract from the looks of the bike.  I am going to try them out this weekend, for a quick overnight, provided the weather doesn’t drop into the 30s.

Luggage 3  Luggage 2

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