Month: April 2015

New Stickers and a Wash

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stickersIn order to get things ready for this weekend, I wanted to give Raven a quick wash and get a couple more stickers on her.  It does not take long to give her a good wash.  In fact, drying takes longer (this time I used a towel, not wind).  I got done, got the stickers on and now it is starting to really look personal.  They are both from and the guy on the bike is on both sides in the same place.  I wanted to put him on the front fairings, but the only place he would fit is where I am saving for my Dragon decals I will get in a couple weeks.  Tomorrow I get everything packed up.  Can’t wait for Saturday morning and to get out of town!


Aaaannd! Done!

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Yep, I am now a fully licensed motorcycle pilot!

Little Timmy Wayne

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Gear Brake Smart Module – First Test w/ video

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GearBrake_ModuleA couple weeks ago I saw a post from a friend of mine who is working with a company that makes various after-market safety equipment for motorcycles.  One of these is a smart braking module that plugs in to the wiring at the brake light.  It is a small box that attaches to a flat, level surface on  the motorcycle.  It then plugs into the wiring at the brake light. What it does, in short, is the accelerometer detects when the throttle is released on the motorcycle (a distinct drop in speed) and turns on the brake light, flashing it for 2 seconds (6 flashes).  Then, when you pull the brake lever, it again flashes for 2 seconds and then stays solid.  This gives a nice early warning to any cars behind you that you are slowing down.  There is also a non-flashing module as well.

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Follow-up: Tire Repair

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I went into 502 Moto at 11 am this morning to have my tire looked at and replaced as needed.  It took just under an hour for them to pull the tire and put the new one on as well as adjust and align the sprocket and chain as well as give me a quick tutorial on how to do the adjustment on my own.  Finally topped it off with a quick lube job on the chain.  5 star service and an excellent price: $120 for the lot, parts and labor.  I highly recommend anyone needing anything done to their motorcycle give them a call.

First Repair and a Shout Out

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IMG_2996It finally happened.  I have to get a repair done on Raven.  It is “only” getting the rear tire replaced, but still, I was hoping to get a few thousand miles more out of it.  Some time between Friday night and Saturday night I ran over something on the road.  Luckily, it was not a blow out and it is still holding air.  However, when you only have 2 tires, you cant run around with any confidence if one is compromised.  So I am taking her into a friend’s shop here in Louisville, 502 Moto (FB Page here) so they can do the replacement and lube up the chain for me.  He said it would take about an hour or so, so I am taking it over at lunch time to get it replaced.  Please check their pages for address and business hours.

MSF Motorcycle Safety Basic Rider Course

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IMG_2995This past weekend I spent both inside a classroom and outside on an older motorcycle learning the proper way to ride.  It was a great weekend, and I learned a helluva lot.  Makes me wonder why it isn’t a requirement to get a motorcycle endorsement on your license.  We had a few hours Friday after work where we learned a lot of text material.  There were 9 of us and we went through the manual pretty quick, but pretty thoroughly.  One of the guys sitting at my table was very impatient, as if he had somewhere else to be.  It is like he didn’t want to be there, but had to be there.  (This comes into play later on…)

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