Day: April 28, 2015

Little Timmy Wayne

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Gear Brake Smart Module – First Test w/ video

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GearBrake_ModuleA couple weeks ago I saw a post from a friend of mine who is working with a company that makes various after-market safety equipment for motorcycles.  One of these is a smart braking module that plugs in to the wiring at the brake light.  It is a small box that attaches to a flat, level surface on  the motorcycle.  It then plugs into the wiring at the brake light. What it does, in short, is the accelerometer detects when the throttle is released on the motorcycle (a distinct drop in speed) and turns on the brake light, flashing it for 2 seconds (6 flashes).  Then, when you pull the brake lever, it again flashes for 2 seconds and then stays solid.  This gives a nice early warning to any cars behind you that you are slowing down.  There is also a non-flashing module as well.

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