Gear Brake Smart Module – First Test w/ video

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GearBrake_ModuleA couple weeks ago I saw a post from a friend of mine who is working with a company that makes various after-market safety equipment for motorcycles.  One of these is a smart braking module that plugs in to the wiring at the brake light.  It is a small box that attaches to a flat, level surface on  the motorcycle.  It then plugs into the wiring at the brake light. What it does, in short, is the accelerometer detects when the throttle is released on the motorcycle (a distinct drop in speed) and turns on the brake light, flashing it for 2 seconds (6 flashes).  Then, when you pull the brake lever, it again flashes for 2 seconds and then stays solid.  This gives a nice early warning to any cars behind you that you are slowing down.  There is also a non-flashing module as well.

IMG_3004I got mine because I said I would allow them to use my motorcycle to test the plug-and-play quick-connect wiring plugs for my model.  I went over to the garage and he took photos, checked the wiring on my bike and sent the specs to the team to build a quick-connect, using actual Honda OEM plugs.  You can see in the photo to the left how it plugs into the existing plugs already on the motorcycle.  Please check their site for your model, they are still working on adding quick-connect plugs into their line-up, but they have a LOT already.

IMG_3009IMG_3008I went back over last night to pick up the module.  It took only a few minutes to install.  It plugged right between the power and the brake light using the OEM plugs.  Install was simple.  Once it is plugged in, we pulled the brake to check it was both working and blinking.  Everything was good.  Then, to check the accelerometer we just tilted it.  That worked as well.  So on to the mounting.  It was very simple.  We used the extra space in the tail of the bike to attach some Velcro (so it can be adjusted later) so it stayed in place.  Once it was level, we put the tail back together and I did a few drive-by’s to see if it was working as expected.  We did some minor adjustments to change how sensitive it is to speed changes.  The adjustments are made by tilting the module; forward for more sensitivity, back for less sensitivity.

Everything was finally put back together and I headed home.  I will be spending this week tweaking the sensitivity a bit and then this weekend I have an overnight ride down to Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge with some guys from all over.  It will be a good test to see if it is going off too much, or not enough.  It will also be a nice change to hand out some cards for the company.  As mine is the test for the NC700’s I will be able to give a really nice rundown for the guys coming up on NC700’s.

For anyone who is looking for a brake light modulator that does extra duty of flashing the brake light before you even hit the brake lever, this is probably the best thing out there.  The install is cake and it just works.  Find them for more information and to ask questions and see if your bike is already listed with a plug-and-play quick-connect model at the following locations.

Here is a very short video of a quick test I ran with a buddy of mine who is staying with me for a week.  I was wanting to see it work, and figured I would get some video.  I will get better video later on, we had elsewhere to be.

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