Abandoned – Country house in the city.

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IMG_3017Friday after work I needed to run a few errands and stop by my parents’ house to pick up some paperwork.  As they live in Prospect, I decided to take a different route home than I normally take and run down Wolf Pen Branch road.  It is a zig-zag of a road in the north eastern part of Jefferson County on the outskirts of Louisville.  There is a definite yin and yang of houses along this road as you head east.  You can pass by a mufti-million dollar mansion and across from it will be barely a hovel.  Well, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a for sale sign and in the background this large white house in the middle of a field.  Even from the road it looked abandoned.  I turned around and turned in and decided to take a couple photos.  Neat little find on the edge of a populated city.

There is another photo after the break.

This photo was taken from the rear of the house.  I did not attempt to go inside, or get any closer to the house.  I didn’t want to take any chances of setting off an alarm or getting hurt.


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