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IMG_3038So I got home this past evening and decided to take a ride out into the near country.  I was never more than 20 to 30 minutes or so from home.  I ended up being up at the Ohio River in the small town of Westport, KY.  There isn’t much to say about the town, it is barely a few blocks big, but it does have a huge waterfront area with boat docks and landings.  However, there is a small road that juts off KY524 called Eighteenmile Creek Road.  (Google Map)  The road runs along, you guessed it, Eighteenmile Creek.  There are homes and farms on both side, with the home opposite the creek having driveways going through the creek.  No truck, no crossings, in some places.  There were some neat places back there.  I didn’t really stop, but for one place, just as I turned on the road.  The remains of a bridge were on the right.

IMG_3048I continued until the road ended, at KY524 (Google Map) and made a left, seeing if I could head back towards the river.  I continued along this road, sometimes trying out a side road, which usually ended at a gate with “Posted” signs.  Eventually it also lead back to Westport.  Along the way, though, there were a few shots I took and one I really like with Raven in the foreground and an abandoned house in the background.  I took the road back into Westport and made a left back onto KY524 and headed to US42.  Once there, I headed home as the sun was going down quick.  Overall, I was out nearly 2.5 hours, and covered 75 miles.

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