The Bike is Ready!

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So, with a long trip coming up, and the bike turning over 4200 miles on Friday, I took it over to the dealer to get the service done on it. I figured it would be the normal oil change and fluid check/flush and all that. Being the DCT model, I verified the dealer had the DCT filter in stock as well, which they did. So I show up while they are still pulling bikes out to their lot and get checked into the service bay.

I am walking the showroom, drool flowing down the sides of my mouth, when the service mgr comes up and shows me the service manual on the bike. 4000 miles is only a “check-up” for the bike with 8000 miles being the first (after the break-in period) full oil change and service. Instead of 2 hours and parts, it is 1 hour with about $10 in fluids. So, rather than spending over $200, it was less than $100 and only took about 45 minutes.  They checked extra systems and did some other minor adjustments as I told them I was heading on the trip.

Other than that, I was a great weekend, but even with that, I had the money set aside anyway, so I was not out anything. And with all of that comes piece of mind that the bike is fully checked out before I go on my trip Wednesday for 5 days of riding in Tennessee, North Carolina and possible Virginia.

My eventual plan is to be able to do the basic maintenance on the bike on my own (oil change, fluids, breaks, chain) and only take it in on major maintenance. Eventually. I still need to get a good toolkit and some kind of stand as well as a service manual. Keeping in mind, I am no mechanic and do not do the oil changes in my car. However, as I have a feeling I will be riding and racking on the miles so much more on the bike, I had better learn how to do it so I am not spending money every time I want simple maintenance done.

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