Perfect (?) Riding Day

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IMG_3094So, with doing some extra work on Wednesday and staying after hours, I was able to garner Friday off!  This turned into a near perfect riding day.  I started off around 9:30 AM after not setting an alarm (so nice) and head across the river to get Raven’s instrument panel replaced (recall).  I showed up, and apparently the part was never ordered, even though I had set the appointment to bring it in that day to have it swapped.  No biggie, the only thing wrong is the trip meter resets every time the bike is turned off and on.

So, I head out and get a quick drive by of the Overlook Inn, in Leavenworth, IN.  As I did need to get 2 things from Cycle World while their sale was going on, I headed back towards the house.  Did I mention it was only 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky?  I picked up a tool roll and chain kit, which have been on my list forever to get.  I now have the tools to allow me to do basic maintenance on Raven, and a way to fix/remove the chain if needed.  I can see that my Frunk will soon be at least half-way full all the time – that toolkit will be with me always.

Next, I decided to head out to Eminence, KY and see how the fair site was coming along.  I took the ride pretty much as normal, and was just enjoying the ride and the weather.  When I got there, I could see a few people working on booths and other areas, spoke with the owner for a few and decided to head north to see what I could see.  I headed up 421 and saw a sign for a winery and decided, what the hell.  So I stopped in for a quick taste and decided to grab a bottle for my trip this weekend.  It was a nice little winery with some fairly good wines.  Smith Berry Winery

After that, I hit up Madison and got a late lunch before heading south again, through La Grange and back home in time for a nice beer tasting at the local liquor store.  Did I mention it never got warmer than 70 degrees and there was a nice, barely noticeable breeze and no clouds?  Yes, a perfect day to throw another nearly 200 miles on the bike.  When I got home, I got Raven packed for my short trip to meet up with some friends for a lazy Memorial Day Weekend in Mammoth Cave National Park.

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