Rabbit Hash, KY and Beyond

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RabbitHashSo, with the Ren Fair going on every weekend, my riding time has been brought to nearly 0.  While I have commuted when I could, ridden after work, I have been wanting to get out and ride for the day.  So, since Memorial Day Weekend, I have not been out for a full day yet.  My first time will actually be on Friday, July 3.  So, in preparation for that, I have gone ahead and planned a route to take that will take a good portion of the day: 9:30 AM until 7:00 PM.  I plan on going to a couple popular spots for bikers as well as a small brewery in a small town in Indiana.  My plans are the following.  Louisville to Rabbit Hash to Auroura to Madison to Louisville.  The planned route is right at 220 miles round trip and it will take a total of 6 hours ride time.  Each stop is planned out for 1 hours, but plans can, and do, change.

Friday morning we will meet and plan to leave by 9:30 AM from E.P. Tom Sawyer Park.  My plan is to ride to Rabbit Hash via US42 (taking Sleepy Hollow Road and Covered Bridge road to get to US42).  From there, we go north up to I275 and cross the river at Lawrenceberg, IN and come back south on 56 (Ohio River Scenic Byway) into Aurora to go to the Great Crescent Brewery.  My plan is then to have a couple small, small, samplings before continuing down 56 along the Ohio River for 60 miles into Madison, IN.  Then, if the timing is right, grab a few sliders at Hinkle’s Sandwich shop on Main Street.  Once done, the route has us coming back in Louisville down 421 to US42 and home, but it is also possible to continue down the Ohio River Scenic Byway into Jeffersonville.  However, traffic may be an issue at that time, as not everyone has that day off.  Personally, I am coming down 421 to 42 and home.

This should make for a good ride, with some nice stops in the middle to rest the arse and stretch the legs.  The roads look to be fairly easy and sufficiently twisty for anyone who wants to ride.  The 2 miles on I275 in N. KY are there only to cross the river.  Other than that, we would have to go all the way into Cincinnati, and that does not sound as fun…

Below are the addresses (street and web) for the locations we are going to hit.  I have also included a link to the route on Furkot

Rabbit Hash Round Trip Route: https://trips.furkot.com/ts/g6pFVt

Rabbit Hash General Store
10021 Lower River Rd
Rabbit Hash, KY 41005-8657

Great Crescent Brewery
315 Importing Street
Aurora, IN 47001

Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop
204 West Main Street
Madison, IN 47250

Just as a note, the Ohio River Scenic Byway is an incredible trip on its own, and one I plan on making from Ohio to Illinois at some point, most likely in the fall.

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