All’s well. Garage is full again.

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solenoidSo last week I was without Raven the whole week.  I waited for the phone call from the shop that would tell me what was wrong and what steps would need to be taken to get her running again.  Well, they called me on Tuesday, said they had found the issue and were waiting on a part to be delivered.  They said it would be ready on the 26th (last Friday.)  As I had no way of getting to the shop on the 26th, I said I would be over first thing on Saturday.

So, I get there on Saturday, after confirming Friday afternoon everything was ready to go, and walk into the service center of the dealership.  I asked the service manager what happened, he said it started with the starter switch, which got stuck in the “on” position, which caused the part pictured to completely burn out.  So, they took the starter switch apart and cleaned it up, filing down the piece that got stuck so it would properly allow the spring to disengage it, and then they replaced the solenoid.  They also showed me on the motorcycle where the solenoid was located and how to bypass it to start the bike so it can be ridden home.

This is the part that is awesome (well, if being without your motorcycle has an upside).

  1. Instrument Cluster (recall replacement)
  2. Start Switch rebuild
  3. Solenoid Replacement

Total cost to me, $0.00.  While yes, Raven is under warranty, they could have easily charged me for the rebuild on the switch as being extra and separate and said it was my fault (still don’t know what happened to it to begin with…).  The service tech said it took the longest to do because of the size of the parts involved.  They never even questioned anything, AND they put me in the front of the line because I had an open ticket for the Instrument cluster (they forgot to order the part last time I was there.)

Now, I am going to get into that brand new service manual and read up on break pad replacement and chain maintenance.  Now that I have a lift, I can start doing some of this on my own, as I should be doing.  Especially the chain maintenance.

Overall, a great birthday present.  I got to ride her home, adjust a couple things, and then ride her out to fair.  And it was a gorgeous day, no overbearing sun, temps barely to 75, nice breeze the whole day.  I nearly scuffed off from fair to ride all day, but decided to do my duty.

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