Day: July 7, 2015

Rabbit Hash Ride – Follow-up

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IMG_3273On Friday, July 3rd, 4 of us set out from E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park in Louisville, KY.  For me, it is my normal staging point, as it has a large parking lot, is close to major streets, close to a gas station, and, most importantly, close to my house.  I feel that I should be awarded some recompense for leading a ride, so I take that small concession.  The whole round trip ride was to be right at 230 miles and take roughly 6 hours to complete.  This included 3 stops; Rabbit Hash, Aurora and Madison.

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Barrett Bike Nite – July 1, 2015

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IMG_3269Was a typical night for bike night.  Started out quite cool, after some afternoon rain, but it was mostly dry, and people showed up.  This isn’t a long post, just wanted to show some photos.  There was one guy who came up on a collapsible scooter.  Someone else showed up on one of my favorite dream bikes, Honda Rune.  It wasn’t made for a long time, barely over a year, but man, it is one pretty machine.  And then there was Jo with his stitched together “frankenhelmet.”

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