Where is Raven? Spot Gen3 Tracking

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spotLast week I added what could be one of the more important pieces of safety gear to Raven.  A Spot Generation 3 Personal Locator.  I have been looking and thinking about it since I do a lot of solo rides.  I am careful, however I cannot control anyone else out on the roads with me, and if something happens, I want to be able to reach out and get help.  I believe the Spot Gen3 will help with that.  And, it gives the family piece of mind and a way to stalk me.

My Location Map: Where Is Raven

I picked it up and was able to get it set up and try it out this past weekend on the ride to Lawton and the mines.  It worked really well, reporting my position when it was set up.  The site will keep the track for up to 7 days, I believe, before it clears out.  That’s OK, it is really only needed while I am riding.  The things I like are I can set a custom message for when I arrive at a destination, a custom message for when I am in trouble as well as contacts, and the SOS that will contact emergency services with the current location.  I hope I never need that.  Check below the cut for an example of the map – it is from my ride to Lawton.


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