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S10C0008So on Saturday I got to ride out with a friend I met in my Motorcycle Safety Foundation course (MSF) back in April.  He posted on FB he was going to be riding out to Madison, IN early on Saturday morning (around 8am).  I told him I would meet up with him at a gas station right outside of Prospect.  On the way there, I decided to take a detour and hit up a short, but fun and twisty, ride along the Sleepy Hollow and Covered Bridge roads in eastern Jefferson, western Oldham counties.  Turned out to be a great little ride with only a couple traffic issues (slower than the speed-limit cars…)

S10C0015We hooked up just on the eastern side of Prospect about 8:30 AM.  From there, we rode out US42 until we hit Carrolton, KY.  Along the way, just outside of Carrolton, we ran into some pretty dense fog.  Dense enough to cause us to have to pull over and wipe off the condensation.  Mine was only on the visor, he had issues even with his glasses.  It was a very pretty part of the ride, all the hills and valleys with the fog hanging over everything.  Once we hit Carrolton, we turned off US42 onto KY36, which ran right along the Ohio River into Milton and then crossed over the Ohio into Madison, IN on US421.

S10C0013Once in Madison, we stopped at Hinkle’s for some food and discussed plans for the ride back.  I did have another place to be, but not until 3PM, so we decided to take a slightly longer way home.  We left out of Madison on 56 and dropped onto 62 for a few miles through Hanover, IN.  Then, as 62 isnt the best of routes for scenery in this part of the state, we opted for the smaller, much more fun route via 356.  And as a bonus, it seems it had just been repaved in the last month or so.

S10C0018Our plan was to ride 356 until it met up with US31 and then head south and back home.  However, 356 was still under construction, so we had to hit 3 and head south.  It went straight back down to Charleston, IN where we turned back onto 62 and rode it into Jeffersonville and over into Louisville across the 2nd Street bridge.  Years ago, 62 from Charleston to Watson used to be home to the US Naval Ordinance.  There are still some old structures to see from the road, but most has been demolished and rebuilt into huge industrial warehouses and other buildings.  Including a huge Amazon fulfillment center.  All in all, it was a very nice day to be out on the bikes.  The whole trip, I don’t think it broke 80 degrees.  Granted, we got home around noon or so.  But I was able to make my next event with plenty of time to spare.

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