8000 miles down!

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This weekend I took Raven in for her 8000 mile service.  Since the dealers in the Louisville area all had the “drop it off, we’ll get to it when we can” attitude, I had to go out of the area for service.  So I went to a dealer in Lexington who has the forethought to offer appointments for scheduled maintenance.  Imagine that – scheduling scheduled maintenance.  I left the house at just after 7:30 AM on Saturday and rode out through a number of roads and towns south of I-64.  I got to the dealer just before my appointment and went about looking all over the bikes they had in the store.  I had 3 hours to kill, may as well sit on a few.

Well, after walking down the road for lunch, and waiting out the 3 hours (more like 3.5) I paid and was on the way.  This one was a fairly simple service, with all kinds of inspections along with an oil change.  Nothing major until the 16000 mile mark.  I just wanted it done before I left on a couple trips.  On the way home I decided I needed to see how I handled the expressway for an extended period of time.  I hopped on I-75 just down from the dealer and stayed on it until I got to the 75/64 split and merged over to I-64.

From there, it was an easy ride from Lexington to Louisville.  Now, I say easy because there was not a ton of traffic, and we were all going in the same direction.  It was also easy because it was a nice day.  I did notice that at speed (70 to 75 miles an hour) there was much more buffeting from the short windscreen than I get normally.  I already knew this, but have not dealt with it for as long as I did on Saturday.  I have ordered a larger (taller) windscreen, which should help with that.  I hope it will be here this week before I head to Land Between the Lakes on Saturday.

Between the Omni-Cruise throttle lock and the Crampbuster, maintaining speeds was easy on the expressway.  One of the things I don’t like about the expressways is they can be boring rides, albeit faster between destinations.  This is something I will have to get used to for certain trips I want to take where I wont have time to take a leisurely ride through the back roads.  I can think of a couple trips that will fit into this one coming up.

This weekend I am heading to Land Between the Lakes in southwestern Kentucky.  Getting there will not be an issue, I have a 5.5 hour route planned through back roads.  Coming home, I want to get back as quick as possible so I can go to an event later in the day, so I will be coming back via the Bluegrass Parkway.  While not an expressway, it may as well be.  In October, I am headed down to North Carolina for a rally.  I will be taking expressway both ways for a while to knock off some of the drive time.  I will be getting my back roads riding in while at the rally, including Tail of the Dragon.  I will also be heading up to the Ohio RenFest a couple times, and want to take the expressway just because the back roads up and back would take way too long otherwise.  Would be different if it was a trip just for riding, but it is a destination trip instead.

So, 8000 miles down in the first 8 months I have had the bike.  And a good 2 months of that has been unrideable due to weather and due to inability to ride on weekends during the Kentucky RenFest.  Looking forward to many more miles.  Stay tuned for a road report from Land Between the Lakes that should be a lot more interesting than this wall of text.

One thought on “8000 miles down!

    Richie said:
    September 5, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    You are a true Road Warrior!
    Can’t wait for your report on Tail of the Dragon. Hope there will be some videos?


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