Day: September 14, 2015

Beyond Bardstown

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Cabin4So, after failing to pull the trigger and ride down on Saturday due to storms that were supposed to come in during the afternoon but never showed, I headed south Sunday morning.  I went down to see some friends who live just outside of Bardstown on a farm.  While I was kicking myself in the arse about not going Saturday, Sunday turned out to be 100% perfect for riding.  It MAY have gotten to 65 degrees, and the sky was perfect blue and white with almost “Simpsons” like clouds.

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LBtL – Bridges

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A couple quick ride-by of a couple of the bridges on Land Between the Lakes. I realize I forgot to include the bridge over Kentucky Lake, but I had forgotten to hit record on the camera, I had only turned it on.

LBtL – To the Lodging

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Short drive up one of the roads to where I stayed at Land Between the Lakes, on the western shore of Kentucky Lake.