Winter Project – 1986 Yamaha Razz

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IMG_3594This bike fits the “ran when parked” perfectly.  I got the scooter from my parents new back when I was like 14.  In 2 years I had put over 2500 miles on it running around the neighborhoods in Middletown.  The last time I rode it was when we moved to Prospect in 1990 (or so).  I believe my dad rode it a bit after that as did my sister.  So, this past weekend I got some help from a friend to get it to my house so I can see if I can get it running and useable.  I do not think it will be too hard, as the motor is not seized up and will still kick over (but not start, yet).

IMG_3596So far, I have taken off the rear plastics to take a look at what is underneath.  The most substantial thing is it is covered in spider webs and egg sacks.  I have gone ahead and hosed all that stuff off.  I will clean the major parts later, after it is running.  In the initial short list tear down, I have found I need a new battery, new spark plug and new air filter.  Two of those I knew I was going to need anyway.  At least it turns over when kick-started.  I know the oil and gas will need to be changed out, the carborator needs a cleaning as well as the rest of the engine.  Considering I know nothing about any of this, it will be a nice long project.  However, it is in much better condition that I ever hoped, especially for a bike that has sat in a garage unused for at least 15 of its nearly 30 years.  Next year, it will be 30 years old.  Officially qualifies for vintage!



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