Month: October 2015

Fun was had at the cost of a bruised ego, shoulder and hip.

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IMG_0215Came home this weekend from Indiana with a couple bruises and a pulled muscle. Raven needs an adjustment on a front turn signal and one helluva bath. She is more brown than black. My most excellent street tires did most excellently poor in the mud and left Raven and I on our sides 1/2 way up a muddy slope. There are many thanks that need to be given to those who helped me push her the rest of the way, nearly dropping her again a couple times because the tires just would not find purchase in the slick mud. Rained half the day, but the beginning was great, nice and cool and a lot of fun.

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Horizons Unlimited Fall Meet 2015

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IMG_0045From October 7 thru October 11 I went to Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge in Stecoah, NC.  It is located in prime motorcycle riding country with 3 famous and major routes; Cherohala Skyway, Moonshine Run and Tail of the Dragon.  This is a trip I have had planed for over 9 months, and one I have had the hardest time waiting to arrive.  The trip down was going to be along US60, 127, 27, 95, 129 and 28.  129 is the Tail of the Dragon and 28 is Moonshine Run.  So my route down, before the weekend even starts, includes the Tail of the Dragon and Moonshine Run.  Two of the three off the bucket list already.  Lets just say, hitting these roads fully loaded, was not exactly what I wanted to do, but hey, may as well go all the way.

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2015 DGR – Video

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