Weather and Being Busy

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Any who read this blog will realize the updates have been slow lately.  Mostly it is because I have been fairly busy on the weekends lately.  Or, the weather has been rainy.  I have been out a few times, however, with a nice 100+ mile trip last week to get some wine for Thanksgiving.Went to see “Spectre” with my dad the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I was a great day out when we left the theater about 1:30.  Nearly 65 degrees, and sunny!  So, I went home, grabbed the helmet and jacket and jumped on the bike.  I was just gonna ride around for a little, but found myself in Eminence, KY.  There is a small winery there, and as I needed to get some wine for the holiday, I headed over to it to do a quick tasting and grab some wine.

3 hours later and I am finding myself stuck in traffic in the middle of northern Oldhamn County as school is letting out…  What I get for not paying attention to the time and finding a different route.  I can’t complain too much about it, it was such a nice day out, and was still plenty warm, especially when sitting still.  I did realize, as the sun was sinking, along with the temperature, I needed to start putting away for those heated gloves…

On Thanksgiving, I went riding around a bit as well.  It was a nice day, there was very little traffic and I didn’t have to be to dinner until around 2 or so.  Ended up over in Indiana and back again, around the south end of town and the east, ending with a ride through Sleepy Hollow and Covered Bridge roads.

Now, to work on those gloves, which will easily allow me to ride into the colder temps.

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