Warm Weather the Year Round

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IMG_0366Well, not really, but with new heated gear, it will certainly feel that way.  I finally picked up a heated jacket liner and gloves this past weekend.  I didn’t really need the jacket liner, however it made it easy to wire in the gloves, as the sleeves already had attachments for the gloves wired in.  No running wiring through sleeves of the jacket and them getting stuck or pulling while I was riding.  Once I got everything set up and wired in, I took off on a ride to give it a good test.  The temp wasn’t even 40 deg out yet, so it was going to be plenty chilly.

I headed out of town to give the gear a try.  Within moments, I turned both the gloves and the liner down to their lowest setting, eventually turning off the gloves.  On their own, they were decently warm, and as the temperatures rose, I turned them off.

I ended up riding through Eminence, and right by the KY Highland Ren Fair grounds and saw they were having their Dickens Festival, so I stopped in there to have some fun and see some old friends.  It was a good day, that ended with me getting back well after dark, and quite comfortably warm.

This heated gear will do wonders for me this winter.

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