My First Maintenance

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IMG_0392So, now that I have a center stand on Raven, I can theoretically do my own light maintenance.  As I do not need to do an oil change yet (another 4000 miles on that) I decided that I would get a few other things done: front and rear sprockets, chain and parking brake pads (more on those later).  So, with reckless abandon, I started on the first maintenance adventure over x-mas week.

IMG_0393Now, the reason I am also putting on the parking brake pads when they should have lasted the life of the motorcycle is because I mistakenly rode for about 30 miles with them engaged.  As the motorcycle is an automatic (Dual Clutch Transmission) it has a parking brake installed as I cannot leave the motorcycle in gear when it is off.  During the daylight hours, I can see the tiny orange line of the release button, but at night, with no instrument light, it is impossible to see.  So, I wore the pads out.

IMG_0394On the Sunday before x-mas, I started taking things off the bike to get things ready for the replacement parts: foot peg framework, sprocket cover, chain guard/cover.  Everything except the chain and the rear wheel.  I didnt have the tools for the rear wheel, or cutters for the chain (no master link.)  Thinking back, I should have waited until I had everything together, so I could have ridden on the 60 deg weather days we had leading up to and through x-mas.  Oh well.

IMG_0395On x-mas eve, I went to the store, bought the wrenches for the tire, and a few other tools to flesh out what would be needed for me to do this solo form now on.  A friend of mine was gonna come over and help with the chain and getting the tire back on.  I went ahead and got the wheel off the bike and replaced the front sprocket.  Then, it was a waiting game until Saturday when he was able to come over and help me finish the maintenance.

IMG_0405Finally, Saturday comes, and I am ready to get Raven back together again.  We get the old chain cut and the new one threaded.  I had already replaced the front sprocket, and we got the rear sprocket off and replaced.  I got the new brake pads installed and then we threaded the new chain.  Took both of us to get the wheel back on and lined up (could I have done it alone, yes, but it was easier with someone to assist).

IMG_0404With the wheel on, chain ends connected with the master link, it was time to do the chain alignment and adjustment.  I think this took the longest, as it was new, there had been no stretching, and I was doing it pretty much on my own for the first time.  After about 20 minutes of fiddling and hitting the tire and twisting bolts, I finally got it lined up and properly adjusted for the recommended slack.  I thanked my friend as he needed to head out for a concert, and I got the garage cleaned up, tools put away.

I wish I had time to ride it this weekend, but I was only able to run up and down the street at my house and then up to the corner to fill the tank.  A total of 2 miles or so.  Since then, it has basically been raining non-stop.  Starting this Tuesday, however, it should be clear, though crisp and cold.  Should be able to make all the rides I want this week.  Especially the New Years morning ride up to Leavenworth at the Overlook Inn.  And then on the 2nd, which marks the 1 year anniversary of the first mile I put on Raven.  Hard to believe a full year has passed.


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