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Last year, I went on a lot of trips.  12,000 miles worth.  It is amazing where all I ended up going.  I have gone through nearly every state that touches Kentucky, as you can see in the map to the right.  This year, I already have a number of trips planned, some even paid for.

Some time in March will be the first actual scheduled ride.  Now, it has not been announced yet.  It is known as the “Ice Breaker Ride” it is the earliest ride.  Last year, it was 24 when we left.

April 9 is the Moonshine Lunch Run to Illinois.  It can be quite cold and in central Illinois, the weather is quite chaotic.  Last year, however, while cold in the morning, it was very comfortable by the time I got there.  I ended up camping at the farm, and heading home the next day.  Check here for more information:

In early May (Derby Weekend, May 6 and 7, in Louisville) will be the 2nd annual Derby Escape Ride to Red River Gorge.  It is an easy, but beautiful ride to the park, allowing us to get there by noon, and then head out and ride the loop and so much more.  Last year, we had 6 people ride and we took over an entire room.  I will be putting this one up in March for people to look out for.

Immediately after the Derby ride is the ADVRider’s Rick’s Eastern Rendezvous in Hampton, TN.  This was probably the best trip of the year.  $100 for 4 days of riding, camping, eating and drinking (beer).  Some of the best riding in the US is in the Smoky Mountains, in which we are in the heart of.  This year, I am going back, opting for a cabin over a tent.  I am itching to get going on this one.

The next weekend that will be a definite ride will be Memorial Day Weekend.  While I do not know exactly where I will be going, I have some ideas.  The trip I really want to take is a long trip for a short time.  I want to go to Niagara Falls and Toronto – thus making it my first ride out of country.  Other possibilities are down to New Orleans or to Myrtle Beach.  It will be a good weekend, but I may have to take an extra day off.

On the 8th of July starts the American Motorcycle Association’s Vintage Motorcycle Days in Lexington, OH.  This was one helluva great weekend.  Louisville Vintage Motor Works has an entire corner in the back of the camp ground where we host a helluva party after the tracks close up.  Beyond that, there are some nice roads to ride, a huge swap meet, demo rides and the ability to take your own bike on the track.  This is a can’t miss weekend.

The summer time means hot weather and uncomfortable riding, especially in all gear.  Day trips are generally all I do during this time period.  Labor Day weekend, however, will be another long ride.  Wherever I don’t go over Memorial Day will be on the list for Labor Day.  Last year was Land Between the Lakes.

As we head into the fall season, there are a couple final rides.  The first is the Horizons Unlimited Gathering in Stecoah, NC.  300 miles away, and via US129, aka Tail of the Dragon, this was an awesome trip.  I was able to hit 3 of the best roads in the whole of the eastern US, meet and talk with nearly 100 riders from all over the world and relax in some of the most beautiful mountains out there.  I am doing this trip again, and it will be wonderful.

The last scheduled ride is the Hoosier National Forest ride in southern Indiana.  Starting gate is Spring Mill State Park.  Last year was fun and very wet.  It is also the first, and only time I dropped my bike.  And with all the rain, I scrapped the camping for a motel room.  This coming year, gonna push for someone else to come up and share the motel room.  Dry is better, every time.

So, this is my year coming up, from early spring to late fall.  As it stands now, most are scheduled hard and paid for, others have not been announced officially.

Look for the ride reports as the year progresses.

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