Jefferson Proving Grounds

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IMG_0417Today, with the temperatures over 60 degrees (for the end of January!) it was a must ride kinda day.  I left the house at 10 am so I could have enough daylight to go where I wanted and have time explore and still get home before it got dark.  The plan was to head slightly north into Madison, IN, meet up with a couple other riders for lunch and then head up to the JPG, a closed Army base responsible for storing and testing ordinance of all kinds.  I will include some links for more information on it further down.

Leaving at 10 am with a full tank of gas it was already nearly 50 degrees.  I started out with all the gear on; heated jacket liner and heated gloves.  Quickly, however, it was apparent I needed none of it.  Within a few minutes of leaving, I had already turned off the gear, and within 25 miles I ended up pulling over and taking the liner off and swapping out my gloves for my normal riding gloves.

In another 40 minutes or so I was in Madison and decided to stop and get some coffee at a great local spot (The Red Roaster) right on Main street in Madison.  For lunch we ended up going to Key West Shrimp House, and I ended up getting a Creole style shrimp and grits, with caramelized onions and peppers, bacon and andouille sausage.  It was awesome!

After a great lunch we headed up to the Jefferson Proving Grounds.  It was used from 1941 until 1995, when most of the land was turned into a nature and wildlife preserve.  Many of the buildings have been re-purposed for commercial use.  Even the base housing has been turned over for civilians to buy and live in.  Even the old officer’s homes.  We rode all over, checking things out, to the old air field to some old storage bunkers and some kind of testing facility with a weird roof.

After we saw all we could see on the roads we could access, we headed home.  It was 3:30 pm and I had about an hour and 20 minute ride home.  It would give me time to clean up the chain and check it for slack.  Then, I would sit and write up this and process the video I shot of the JPG.

After all was said and done, I rode about 150 miles round trip, and it was like hitting a reset button.  And there is a very distinct possibility of riding tomorrow.

There will be a video to follow up later.


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