Slow Down!

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This last weekends’ rides told me I needed to back up and take a new look at how I am doing my rides.  I need to get out of the “gotta get there” mentality and see my destinations as the turn-around point rather than the endpoint for my rides.  It is a subtle difference, but one that changes the entire point of the ride.

The whole point of a ride is the journey along the way.  The destination is just another place along that journey.

I have been focusing on the destinations of my rides too much lately.  Gotta get to JPG, gotta get to Stecoah, have to go to the Mines.  And I have to get there quickly.  Because of this, I know I have missed some sites along the way.  I have noticed I am taking fewer photos along the way as well.  I dont lose any time stopping to get a photograph of something I may not see again.

I mean, if I was just worried about getting to the destination, I would take the car and not have to worry about anything other than what music was playing.  Sealed up in an airtight box, not really experiencing the road’s sites or sounds or, especially, smells (good and bad).

On the motorcycle, the rider is a part of the whole experience, and every subtle change in the environment is noticed and felt.  And the ability to stop nearly anywhere for the moment and take in that sight from the crest in the road.  The maneuverability and nimbleness of the motorcycle makes these pauses possible and easy.

There is so much more to see during the journey than there will be at the destination that if you skip forward, you have wasted most of the ride.

Slow down.  Stop more often. Take everything in.  Recognize the destination is only one more dot on the map.

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