Day: February 22, 2016

Tulip Trellis, Indiana

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Tulip Trestle TripIt was 50 when I left, over 70 when I got home.  Not a cloud in the sky for most of the day.  Perfect weather to spend the day on the bike.  Left a little after 9 am and got home just at dark.  At first, a couple of us were going to make the ride, but after going over the route, the other rider decided he needed to stay closer to home as he had other responsibilities in the early afternoon, and the route would not let him get home in time.  That’s all good, especially for those married folks who have to keep their S.O. happy in order to ride without question.  I can forgive this one.  As you can see on the left, the route was a fairly good one for a days worth of riding.  As it was mapped, it was over 275 miles, but when all was said and done, the odometer went just over 300 miles.  As with any good ride, routes are nice, but deviations are nicer.  There isn’t much to say about the ride, so I will get into the photos.  Just below the break I will put some links for the history and information on the trestle itself.

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