Weekend Camping Trip Planned

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mapLooks like this weekend will be another decently warm weekend for riding, and with an overnight low (Sat to Sun) of 41, I believe I will be making a trip somewhere to test out the kit for this year.  Made a few changes, so I want to make sure everything sits well and holds up to my expectations.  The two biggest will be the new sleeping bag and new top box.  So far, everything but my clothes and spare battery (phone and camera) and food.  I am packing as though I am heading out on a 3 or 4 night trip.

The top box is taking the place of my dry bag.  When camping, my dry bag held my tent, chair and sleeping pad.  I also stuffed in a couple small items.  Now, in the top box I have tent, chair, sleeping pad, tarp, footprint, pillow, cigar box (leather wrapped humidor, 12″x6″x3″) and pipe box (pelican 1120 case), stuff sack (spare), spare gloves and heated jacket liner.  Huge difference when compared to the dry bag.  It is my whole camp, minus the stove.

My panniers (25L each, not expanded) hold what is left over: tools, 2 fuel canisters (MSR 30oz), tire gauge, air compressor and puncture kit, MSR Whisper-lite International stove, coffee tin (Tupperware), tall cooking pot (contains 2 cups inside it), wider cooking pot, waterproof gloves, stainless dual-walled coffee cup (8oz), titanium spork, empty water bag, bourbon flask, fold-able shovel.  There are some other odds and ends thrown in as well.  I have the stuff evenly distributed for weight.  The panniers will expand, but right now, as I dont have to put some of the camp site into them, there is no need at this point, which leaves me room to grow.

My clothes and towels will be going into a roll-up bag that will be stowed with my sleeping bag, lashed onto the pannier seat, along with a small fold-able table.  Will have camp shoes, shower shoes, 2x each of underwear, t-shirt, socks.  Pair of flannel pants, pair of jeans, pair of shorts.

In my backpack, I will have my paper Rand McNally road maps, iPad, hydration bladder (3L), plastic bags, trash bag, TP, toiletries (tooth paste, tooth brush, deodorant, soap), battery for phone, cables to charge phone and camera and iPad, 3x camp meals (Mountain House), Tabasco.

I am using this following site to plan out the items to take, and it includes (so far) everything I can think of.  Some will be (and have been) left off.

This leaves the Frunk open to carry water and other stuff left over or last minute.  But mostly water.  If it is raining, I will put the iPad and battery into the frunk.  I will also have a small light stowed as well for the camp site.  Little LED lantern.  My headlamp will also be in the frunk.  But all that takes up next to nothing, really.

Can I cross the country on this?  Sure, why not?  The actual key is in the clothing and food, and with oatmeal and rice, I can easily store enough food for more than a week, and with the clothes, having 3 pairs of stuff is enough – 1 to wear, 1 to wash, 1 to be dry.  I may end up packing an extra pair of jeans and a jacket, but as I can unzip the pannier bags for more room, this should not be a problem. Will it be enough to get to Prudhoe Bay, AK and back?  Again, I think it should be plenty, even if I add a couple long sleeve shirts to the mix.

I am not 100% sure where I will be heading tomorrow. I am planning on leaving around noon Saturday, probably head to Red River Gorge or Daniel Boone Forest somewhere and camp, returning at a leisurely pace Sunday. Want to spend some time documenting the whole process as well. Show on and off the bike packing. It is going to be a slow weekend.

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