Southward Bound

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IMG_0482Headed out Saturday morning south of Bardstown, KY. The goal was to find an overlook I rode by last year on the Ice Breaker ride. As I was lucky enough to have gotten a photo there last year, I had the GPS info from that photo (what an awesome feature). I found it on the map, created a quick route and headed out. It overlooks a horseshoe bend in Rowan’s Creek from a road named Scott’s Ridge Road. I took my time getting there, and when I got there, some of the locals were hanging around and enjoying the day. And considering when I left home it was in the lower 50s, it was a perfect day. Chatted with one of the guys, and he was able to point out a few places in the distance and some landmarks. It was a nice conversation.

IMG_0487On the way back home I stopped in at Willett Distillery (where Rowan’s Creek Bourbon is made) and tasted a few bourbons and then head back into town to visit a few friends at their garage, Retro Wrench. As usual, they had more bikes waiting on service than can be counted. All vintage and all beautiful (even if they needed work). Had a nice visit, got to watch an older Suzuki fire up and run as well as an out of control Jogg (throttle seemed to be stuck wide open.) From there, headed around town visiting places, seeing things (nothing of real note, just spending time outside.)

Finally, I stopped in and grabbed a beer and a sandwich at Brickyard and headed towards the house. It was a perfect day. Ran through a full tank (2.9 gal, actually, but close enough) and covered just over 200 miles overall. It was a lazy day riding, no real purpose to be anywhere, but it was a perfect day to do so.

Sunday was a different story. I had some errands to run and a couple other projects to work on, so I didn’t ride much. I installed an Anemometer to my weather station (NetAtmo) after getting the mounting hardware. I installed a DVD player for my parents. I picked up a drain pan for oil so I could finally drain all the fluids out of my 87 Yamaha Razz. I caught up on the chain maintenance for my bike, and double-checked the alignment of the rear wheel. While dirty, all was good and within tolerance. I am no expert, but it is definitely getting easier to do the chain.

Next up, oil change at 16k. I am going to bite the bullet and pay a shop to do the air filter – too much has to come off the top end of the bike (all fairings) for me to be comfortable. Also, they can do the brake check and other fluids that go along with the 12k service. Just need to get it in.

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