BBQ and Bourbon

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KY607This weekend was a good riding weekend.  Nearly 400 miles when all was said and done.  Saturday started out kinda slow and chilly, but quickly warmed up to some of the best riding this year.  I left the house at about 9:30 AM Saturday morning, and headed up to New Castle, KY to meet up with a friend.  While running through Crestwood, picked up another rider from a different group and we ended up riding out together.  From there, we headed east and ended up on a tiny little country road, KY607.  It was a great little curvy road, and we were lucky enough to not run into any traffic along the route.  The image to the left is just of 607, not the whole route.  If you get time, find it and ride it.

Once we got to Red State BBQ in Georgetown, KY, we met up with a bunch of other riders from all over.  It was a large “RTE – Ride To Eat” event put on by the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association.  Once we got refueled, we headed out.  Everyone pretty much went their own way.  3 of us headed out south with the Wild Turkey Distillery as a goal.  Two of us ended up hitting the distillery for a quick taste and some relaxing in the sun.  From there, we headed out west from there, through Lawrenceberg and back home.  Ended up putting over 200 miles on the bike Saturday.

Sunday was a different animal.  Woke up and did some house chores (dishes and laundry, basically) and then got dressed and headed out for some aimless meandering around town.  No real goal in mind or destination.  I did finally get working on making the headphones work with my Sena 10C.  I say they are nearly there.  I want to get some slightly different style and see if that would work better, but will take some looking.  Ended up riding all over town and the country side close to Louisville.  Grabbed a beer at Flannagan’s, and a bourbon and Japanese “Scotch” at Haymarket.  Another nearly 200 miles on the bike on Sunday as well.

As this was my first ride in nearly a month, it was well received.  I love being on the bike, just riding along with the wind and the road noise.  I think it may have gotten up to 78 on Sunday, but barely reached 70 on Saturday.  Cannot ask for better.

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