Riding Through “Mud”

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So, I went to ride today.  Temps were going to be nice both into and out of work.  Got suited up, hopped on the bike and started down the road.  I wasn’t even out of the neighborhood yet when the whole front end felt like I was riding through mud.  Looked down at the front tire and it looked low on air, but not completely flat.  I went home, parked her back in the garage and went on into work on the mass transit.  not as much fun, but safer than a motorcycle with a flat front tire.

Got to work, ordered a new tire from Cyclegear (there is one 5 minutes from my house).  Michelin Pilot Road 4 (120/70ZR-17) to match the rear.  I had a ContiMotion on, and it has about 10k miles.  Better to find out now, when I have some time, than on the way to Tennessee…
Will be the first time I take my front wheel off.  Gonna do that tonight, drop off the wheel Tuesday after work.  Cant get in before they close otherwise.

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