Good and Poor Planning

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Last Tuesday, took Raven in for a fix and some service.  Needed to get the correct instrument cluster put on from the recall last year.  Also needed the work for the 12k and 16k services performed.  Basically, brake fluid flush, air cleaner replaced, oil changed and valves checked.  With the recall, most of the labor wasn’t counted and was covered by Honda, so I was able to save a ton.  Since I wasn’t expecting to ride for a while, with the renfair starting up and I was going to be spending Memorial day working on the booth, I told them I wasn’t in a hurry.  And I was still able to pick her up on Friday afternoon.

So once I got her home, I got stuff put back in place and took off riding about town.  Did about 100 miles or so around town and ended up at Cumberland Brews for a couple, and ran into some friends.  We sat and talked and hung out and somewhere near 11:00 PM I started home, as I was going to have to be up early to work all day.  I got 70% home, just a few miles out, when the first raindrops started coming down.  And I had no rain gear with me, it was sitting at home on the bench.  When the light changed, I scooted across 4 lanes of traffic (barely any cars, at least) to get off the road under an overpass.  My phone needed to be put in the frunk as did my wallet and garage door opener.  At this point, it was coming down in buckets.  I was only damp, not wet yet.

I tried waiting it out, but after 30 minutes I just resigned myself to my wet fate and headed out from under the overpass into the rain.  All was going well, the tires had great purchase, until I realized I had left the top vent on my helmet open, and my head was getting wet.  Not a big deal, really, except it was now damp and warm in the helmet, and cool outside.  Within seconds the inside of the face shield was completely fogged up, so I had to ride home with it up.  In the rain.  So now, the front of my head is soaked, the back of my head is soaked, my legs, arms, chest, feet, everything.  well, almost everything.  My ass was dry since I didn’t stand up or move it the whole way home, which took about 10 minutes.

When I finally pulled down my street, the rain became a drizzle.  I got in the garage and was dripping wet from head to toe (minus my ass).  It’s all good.  I had my bike back.  My tires proved themselves (again).  I still had a smile on my face, despite being soaked.  I got in, threw the clothes in the washer and went ahead and threw everything else that needed it as well.  Took a hot shower (I was shivering, even at 80+ outside, going 35 mph soaked will chill anyone.)  It was a very memorable day.

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