Month: July 2016

2016 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

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Last week I headed north after work (at 3PM) to the Mid-Ohio raceway in Lexington, OH for the 2016 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.  This marks my 2nd trip to this event, and one that will stay on my yearly calendar for a long time to come.  I was supposed to go up Thurday night, however things came up that were not expected.

The whole week, and all Friday, I was watching the weather, and keeping my fingers crossed for the rain to skip over and miss me for the ride up.  Early in the afternoon, there was a downpour, however once I left, I only encountered some sprinkles just outside of Jefferson county.  From there on, it was dry roads, and overcast skies (which is ok for me.)

There will be photos at the bottom of the story.

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