Out and About in Fall

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29906292604_c476f775de_kThis past weekend was a great one. Lows were in the 40s, and on Saturday it may have gotten up to 61, Sunday 75. On Saturday, I went out, rode up and down the river a bit, stopped over at Flat 12 Brewery in Jeffersonville, IN, then on to Holy Grail Alehouse, and then went back and got some food at Corner Cafe. I also stopped by the historic Louisville Water Tower on the river, and Cox’s park.

On Sunday, I met up with some friends to do a benefit ride for cancer. We rode about town, starting at 11 am, and eventually rolling into the garage at 7:30 or so. We hit up the Water Tower again, the Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot (great BBQ, btw), Against the Grain brewery for some of the best Bloody Mary’s in town, and technically ending at Harvest on Market. After that, some of us went over to Haymarket. We had upwards of 22 bikes and 3 chase vehicles and blockers. It was a great turnout and there were no accidents or other issues at all. I am always nervous riding with this many people, especially through town. Just glad it wasnt a busy day out there on the roads.

Click on the image below for more photos.

October 22-23

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