Day: May 19, 2017

I Came Back from Copperhead Road

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This is THE Copperhead Road (Copperhead Hollow Road, Johnson County, TN) from the song by Steve Earle, “Copperhead Road”

I was here back in May of 2017 and wanted to ride the famous road. It was not actually all that exciting. It was flat, not too curvy, potholed and loose gravel all over the pavement. But there was one reason I wanted, had, to ride it:
So I could say “I came back from Copperhead Road!”


Actually, I wanted to hit the Watuga Winery, which is at the west end of Copperhead road, and with it within 100 yards, I just had to ride it.

As I do not own the rights to the song, I cannot include it in this video. So, I just included some free country song from YouTube’s library. Upsetting, I know.