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First of all, I realize it has been an age since posting, but there really hasn’t been much to report back on.  But, the new year has come in (very cold for us here in Louisville) and it is time to get started.  I wish I could say I had a lot of plans set up for this year, but at this moment, I only have a few trips on the books.  Also, I finally bit the bullet and ordered new motorcycle boots, as my old ones are not waterproof more than just a random sprinkle.  But, more on that later.

The first on my todo list this year has been taken care of – adv boots.  I bought (finally) some Forma Dual-Sport Adventure Low Boots for my trips.  They have some of the best reviews for short boots.  We know I am not a huge fan of mud and dirt riding, and only really do gravel when I have to, so I didn’t see the point of getting the full-height boots.  Besides, it is near impossible to find boots that fit my feet and calves at the same time.  They should be arriving today or tomorrow.  Once they get here, and I get some ride time in them, I will give my opinion on them.

Second is the 24,000 mile service on the motorcycle.  It is one of the larger services required on the bike, and I have some funding to assist with that.  I need to do it before my first trip in May, and will be taking it to the shop in Lexington I had it serviced at once before because they will actually make, and keep, appointments.  I am expecting 500-1000 for the service, but I want to make sure ole Raven is in tip-top shape, as I plan on putting on a ton of miles this year.

Third is to sit down and plan out the different events I want to do, and work on getting the time off to do them.  The big ones are the ADVRider Ralley, RDV in May and the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in July.  After those, it is filling in the weekends with different overnights or day rides, including a couple hammock hangs with a local group and my own Escape Derby ride over Derby Day.  Other rides include Rabbit Hash, Madison, the Tulip Tresel in southern IN, a trip to the Buddhist temple in Bloomington and possibly the Moonshine Lunch Run (if I have gotten the service done).

Last, I want to start planning an extended trip around the US, which may include other parts of the world, provided a few plans come into place in the right order.  Will just have to see on that one.

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