New Phone Mount

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I added a new phone mount to my bike, as the old Ram X-Grip would no longer work because the sleep button was moved to the side, and no matter what case I attempted to use it would vibrate down and sleep the phone, and on a few occasions, dialed 911 because it got held in for more than 5 seconds. So, I went on a quest to find a new setup. I did, and it wasn’t exactly cheap, but it will hold up, and has held up even on some washboard gravel.

The HondoGarage mount has it’s own mounting hardware (extra $) but I had the RAM stuff already, so I saved that money. I am definitely recommending this mount, and the fine tuning on grip is great – no extra webbing needed to secure even the largest phones.

$80: Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount

$30 (fluctuates): RAM Mounts (RAP-B-400U) Small Tough-Claw w/ 1″ Ball

$9: Ram Mount Short Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball

$8: RAM Mounts RAM-B-238 RAM 2.43″ x 1.31″ Diamond Base w/ 1″ Ball

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