Getting Older

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Just a quick note today.  Saturday I took Raven into the dealership for its 600 mile first service.  While I tried to do so last week, they didn’t have all the filters required for the service.  This week, they had it.  Also, I was able to pick up a new modular helmet, Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer.  It is nice, quieter than my first, and has a flip down smoked screen – built-in sunglasses.  My motorcycle is growing up, albeit slowly.  Soon, however, that will change!

NC700XD is Home!

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IMG_2792In my previous post, I revealed that I purchased a new motorcycle.  My first motorcycle. Honda NC700XD, 2014.  I went over all the details of the buy and whatnot in the previous post, so I wont bore you with those anymore.  I will say, it was a very long 2 day wait to get my hands on the bike.  I signed all the paperwork Wednesday afternoon, and picked up the bike on Friday, thanks to the very generous assist by a friend of mine.  He not only drove to get the bike with me, he brought along the U-Haul he and his wife had rented along with his ramp and ties.  It was a very smooth trip and took a huge weight off my back.  I was not looking forward to trying to get the bike home crossing any of the 3 bridges back into Louisville.

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New Motorcycle!

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2014 Honda NC700X DCT

I finally got both the courage and money to get a motorcycle.  I have been bouncing this around forever but never pulled the trigger.  Those who know me know that I do not get big-ticket items often or on a whim.  I have been researching getting a bike for a couple years, but only seriously in the last couple months.  On one hand, I was looking at a vintage motorcycle that could be bought outright with no payments.  And this is something I almost did.  However, while I may not have been making payments on the bike, I would have in maintenance.  And that was something I just didn’t know about.  I am no mechanic.  So, I opted for getting a new bike, as well as one that was going to be an easy commuter.

Enter the 2014 Honda NC700X DCT –  A motorcycle with a manual or automatic transmission.

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