Video Copy and Storage!

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This year I want to shoot and post more videos.  Of course, that will mean being able to clear the camera’s MicroSD card quickly and easily while on the go (or at least while stopping for a bite.)  So, I went looking for a hard drive that was both wifi-enabled and would pull from a MicroSD card.  My first glance showed me an expensive solution for a 256GB drive with the processing shell for $400.  I know I can do better.

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I Came Back from Copperhead Road

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This is THE Copperhead Road (Copperhead Hollow Road, Johnson County, TN) from the song by Steve Earle, “Copperhead Road”

I was here back in May of 2017 and wanted to ride the famous road. It was not actually all that exciting. It was flat, not too curvy, potholed and loose gravel all over the pavement. But there was one reason I wanted, had, to ride it:
So I could say “I came back from Copperhead Road!”


Actually, I wanted to hit the Watuga Winery, which is at the west end of Copperhead road, and with it within 100 yards, I just had to ride it.

As I do not own the rights to the song, I cannot include it in this video. So, I just included some free country song from YouTube’s library. Upsetting, I know.

Snowmageddon 2016

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So, as we are under a blanket of white crap, I decided to drive and see just how the roads are doing. Surprising (not really) enough, the roads were fairly good, outside my own neighborhood. Yes, this video is a little long, so watch/skip what you want. Just sharing thoughts as I am itching to ride… Thought waiting through this last year was bad, it is infinitely worse after having had a riding year like last one.

My Ride on the Tail of the Dragon

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In October of this year, I was able to ride on US129, Tail of the Dragon, 3 times.  It is probably one of the most technical roads in the eastern US for motorcycles and cars.  Here is my ride.  Make sure to hit the HD button.

2015 DGR – Video

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Kentucky Kick Down 2015

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This past weekend was the 3rd annual Kentucky Kick Down Vintage motorcycle show.  With help from Louisville Vintage Motorcycles, Barret Bar, the City of Louisville and Louis’ “The Ton” along with dozens of volunteers, it was a hugely successful day.  Vintage motorcycles from all over the area and country came in to compete for several different classes within the Vintage tag.  There were at least 125 bikes in the show, with countless more parked along the streets near the area.  Raven and I arrived about 8:30 AM to assist in setting up and to hang around for the day.  We ended up leaving about 6:15 PM or so.  Below are some photos from some of the bikes I enjoyed looking at the most as well as a short video during the actual kick down.

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