To The Farm

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Dark Skies

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Here is a quick video of my ride around town on Saturday, with the imminent threat of storms (that never came).

LBtL – Bridges

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A couple quick ride-by of a couple of the bridges on Land Between the Lakes. I realize I forgot to include the bridge over Kentucky Lake, but I had forgotten to hit record on the camera, I had only turned it on.

LBtL – To the Lodging

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Short drive up one of the roads to where I stayed at Land Between the Lakes, on the western shore of Kentucky Lake.

LBtL – To Stephen’s Church

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Way up in the hills in LBtL sits a tiny church that has been restored.  Dating back to 1900, services were held until 1945.    It was restored in 2000.

LBtL – Ride on Kentucky Dam

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Shot while driving over the KY River Dam this past Labor Day weekend.  It used to be closed, due to the 9/11 issues, but it is open for the public to drive over again, and has a visitors area as well.

Surreal Ride In

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It was 56 degrees when I left this morning for work.  Made for some neat, surreal scenes along the Ohio River on the way in.  Including some weird orange fog in the middle of the river.

Commuting in Construction – Moto V-Log

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Rode into work on one of the nicest days we have had all summer, so on the way home, I decided to talk about the construction in and around downtown.  First test, as well, of the Sena 10C motorcycle communication headset.