AMAVMD Track Ride

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Little Timmy Wayne

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Red River Gorge – The Videos

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These are the videos from the ride in Red River Gorge.  The first one is just the short ride through the Nada Tunnel on Nada Tunnel Road: 0:52.  The 2nd one is of a ride on some gravel above the gorge on the Tunnel Ridge Road: 13:21.  It was hard packed gravel, but there were a few wet, slippery spots and plenty of potholes.  The last is the video from the whole loop consisting of roads 15 (Campton Road), 715 (Sky Bridge Road) and 77 (Nada Tunnel Road).  Please hit the Continue Reading to view the videos.

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Covered Bridge Road

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I went around yesterday (Sunday) for a few hours covering all over southern Indiana from the river up to Corydon and as far west as the river again, near Leavenworth.  From there, back into Kentucky and then out to the east and around far eastern Jefferson county and Oldham county.  This video is from the quick run down Covered Bridge Road.

Pseudo-Spring Ride – 02/07/2015 – Video Short

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This is a short exerpt from a video I am working on for the ride from Louisville to Eminence to Madison and back to Louisville via Jeffersonville.  It shows us coming over the Milton-Madison Bridge into Madison.

Ride into Jim Beam Distillery

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