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As there has not been a whole lot of riding lately, there has not been a whole lot to report on.  I have had to get the chain adjusted as it was very slack.  I thought it was something wrong in the transmission, as it was knocking between 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd.  I called in to a friend of mine and went by his shop (thanks, Chad at Retro Wrench!) and got it properly adjusted.  Hung out a bit, had some fun, felt very relieved that I was not going to have to go to the dealer for a repair, even though Raven is still under warranty.  I am planning on going to Madison this weekend (Sunday, probably) to check out the Jefferson Proving Grounds, and then do a full clean and wax of the chain.  I have gone ahead and started looking at a new chain and sprockets, and think I have found a set already.  Doesn’t need to be done yet, but I also don’t want to be on the road when it does need to be done.


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Yep, it has been over a week since I have been out riding anywhere.  And I have missed it.  So much, that last night I went to Two-Stroke Tuesday at the Barrett Bar, and have ridden into work today so I can hit LouVin Bike Nite at the Barrett Bar tonight.  Unfortunately with the RenFair in full swing for the next 5 weekends, my riding time will be somewhat limited.  It is so much fun being on that bike, I really felt like I was being tortured not riding this past weekend.

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