So it has been a while…

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I realize it has been a while since my last post from Stecoah.  I have not had any trips since then, mostly due to a work injury which has kept me from riding.  But not for the reasons you might think.  Keep reading past the break for the full story.

On November 8, I had gone down to take a look at a dashboard TV (55″ TV mounted to a pole, mounted in the ceiling) and see why it was not maintaining a connection to the computer.  It was far enough against the wall, than I could not see behind it easily.  I turned the TV on the mount slightly to the left, and the whole thing came out of the ceiling; TV and mount.  My reaction was automatic; I raised my hands to catch it.  When I did, I guess my finger was bent and the TV and mount (some 40-50 pounds) fell on that closed finger. OH, and this happened in our HR call center.  6 different people including a manger saw the event.  I wasn’t even back at my desk before I had a voicemail and the worker’s comp paperwork in my email – mostly filled out.

Fast forward a couple days, and the finger was still hurt, and swollen, so I headed into the doctor’s office, worker’s comp claim number in hand.  Long story short, I had a spiral fracture of the finger bone closes to the palm.  OUCH!  I was put on limited duty; no heavy lifting over 10# or forceful gripping of the left hand.  This was on November 10.

Now, this also meant, no motorcycle riding.  If I were to fall or get in an accident on the bike, with the restrictions of the doctor, then I would have to pay for all of the medical treatments myself, as well as any other expenses that came up related to the worker’s comp case.  I love riding, but this was just not worth it.

So here we are today, January 11, and I have my next (and hopefully last) doctor’s appointment.  I am expecting to be released to full duty and no restrictions.  And, I will finally be getting rid of the splint!  The damn splint does nothing but get in the way of everything.  I understand it is needed to help the bone heal properly and so I can have a normal working finger at the end of this but, man, is it ever cumbersome.

So, after today, I am hoping that only the weather (snow and ice) keep me from riding.  I am itching to take a weekend trip somewhere.

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